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The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program is the Nation’s primary source of federally funded work on advanced information technologies (IT) in computing, networking, and software. The multiagency NITRD Program seeks to provide the research and development (R&D) foundations for ensuring continued U.S. technological leadership and meeting the needs of the Federal Government for advanced information technologies. The NITRD Program also seeks to accelerate development and deployment of advanced information technologies in order to maintain world leadership in science and engineering, enhance national defense and national and homeland security, improve U.S. productivity and economic competitiveness, protect the environment, and improve the health, education, and quality of life of all Americans. More...

The annual NITRD Supplement to the President's Budget provides a technical summary of the research activities planned and coordinated through NITRD in a given Federal budget cycle. The details are organized by Program Component Area (PCAs), where the PCAs are major subject areas for Federal IT R&D. The FY2021 PCAs are:

For each PCA, agency representatives meet in an Interagency Working Group (IWG) to exchange information and collaborate on research plans and activities and the Science and Technology priorities of the Administration.

The NITRD Program holds meetings that are open for the public to attend. Joint Engineering Team (JET) and Middleware And Grid Interagency Coordination (MAGIC) Teams provide an opportunity for the public to engage and participate in information sharing among Federal agencies and non-Federal participants. More...

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